Eco-friendly Accommodations

Travelling with a Light Footprint

At Iron Mountain Wilderness Cabins we believe it takes more than biodegradable soap and reusing towels to make the hospitality industry sustainable. Sustainability and self-sufficiency have been guiding principles in building our off-grid four season accommodations. Our goal is to limit our negative impact on the local ecosystem and planet while having a business that is sustainable for us to operate for the long term. We have invested a great deal in order to provide our own power, water, and septic services; reducing our impact on and need for municipal infrastructure.

Not only are we aware of our environmental footprint, but we are also seeking to make a positive impact on our local community and celebrate its cultures and history. We hope to increase awareness of sustainable alternatives to the resource demanding status-quo when it comes to travel and tourism.

When you stay at Iron Mountain Wilderness Cabins, you are choosing to do without some of the common luxuries, in order to support a business that is trying to implement energy alternatives and conservation. Below are some of the ways in which our facility is different from other choices.

Solar Powered

From your cabin lights, to our lodge, lounge, bathrooms and outdoor lighting. Renewable solar energy is what powers our completely off-grid facility! 

Water Conservation

Up here, water is precious, and we need to conserve it to make our operations sustainable. Sharing washrooms reduces water consumption as does bringing your sleeping bag or bedding from home. 

Off-Grid & On Tap

We are home to Nova Scotia's only 100% off-grid pub! Our beverage room at Iron Mountain Lodge serves up the best craft beer available in the province alongside fine spirits. The sun keeps our beer cold. Pull up a chair, and we will pour you a drink. Sustainability was never so appealing! The only thing you wont find is ice - no freezers up here!

Environmental Restoration & Conservation

We designed our facility to have a small footprint on the 200 acres of land it sits on. We built in an area that had been harvested in the past, leaving pristine areas of land untouched. Our plans for the future include organic farming and food production, forest restoration and sustainable woodlot management. 

Sustainability in the Biosphere

We are located in the Bras d'Or Lake Biosphere Reserve, an international designation made under the UNESCO Man & the Biosphere Program which seeks to reconcile the conservation of biodiversity with sustainable use. We embrace this call and are endeavouring to be economically and environmentally sustainable while increasing appreciation and value of biodiversity in this beautiful place. 

60% Recycled Steel Buildings

Our custom designed off-grid cabins and main lodge were manufactured in Nova Scotia from 60% recycled steel that will stand up to the demanding mountain environment. Our cabins have been designed to last for 40+ years. Our buildings are all very well insulated with plant based spray foam, to reduce use of propane and other heating fuels while keeping our builders cool in summer. This place was built by ourselves and other local people. 

Book Your Stay with Us

Retreat to the mountainside and spend the night off-grid, in a heated, four-season camping cabin. Pillow-top queen bed, one set of single bunk beds, with a fire pit and picnic table. We are dog friendly too. This is a perfect place to unwind.