About Us

About Us

Splendid Isolation

Our dream is to live a simple life in the woods - being close to nature and as self-sufficient as possible. We are passionate about good food and drink; ecology, permaculture, growing food; art, hunting, fishing; great music and authentic people.

Our goal is to create a self-sufficient, year-round business that supports ourselves and our community. If we can inspire others to consider the benefits to living this way, we are humbled to serve as an example for alternative ways of living.

The mission for Iron Mountain Wilderness Cabins is to share the nurturing, restorative, and adventurous spirit of the mountain wilderness with fellow travellers from all walks of life.

We look forward to sharing this special place with our guests, who by choosing to stay in our off-grid cabins, are saying yes to travelling lightly through this place we are lucky enough to call home. We hope you enjoy sharing our off-grid lifestyle with us during your visit.

See you on the mountain ~
Grant & Jess