Head to the local forge and bang some iron

Our parent company FireHouse Ironworks Ltd. has been working to promote the heritage craft of blacksmithing since 2011. Part of our desire to open Iron Mountain Wilderness Cabins was to ensure participants to our year-round blacksmithing workshops have accommodations available in the area. Besides our Blacksmith For A Day tourism experience, the first of its kind in Canada, we also offer a 2 day Introduction to Blacksmithing workshop, and Recreational Blacksmithing Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 workshops.

Whether you want to try your hand at banging iron for an hour, or are looking to learn the basics to start blacksmithing as a hobby, booking some time in our village forge will be a must during your stay at Iron Mountain Wilderness Cabins.

Students taking either the 2 day or week long courses are eligible for discounted cabin rates.


Blacksmith for a Day…and Stay

This package is for that person that wants to really get a feel for the blacksmithing craft – with four hours at the anvil one-on-one blacksmithing in the forge with the local blacksmith. Retreat from the forge up the mountain and spend an evening in a comfortable off-grid cabin in the woods.

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We are all four seasons!

Four Season Cabin Rental

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