There is no time like the present to save!

Its that time of year when we put our awesome Iron Mountain Gift Cards on sale! Pick up a present for your loved one! What a great gift idea: a quiet getaway to an off-grid cabin in the mountains of Cape Breton Island! Purchase a gift card for someone special in your life who loves being out in nature. Our sustainable wilderness facility offers peace in the mountains, with the added comforts of a top quality bed, insulated and heated spacious cabins and a high-end Weber BBQ grill. Purchase a gift card below!

Iron Mountain Wilderness Cabins Gift Card

Get Back to Nature this Autumn

Don’t miss the chance to soak in the calm beauty of nature this autumn. What better place to do so than the colourful mountains of Cape Breton Island? Fill your soul under the starry sky and pass the days exploring all that nature offers: hiking, fishing, hunting, or touring the trails by ATV or side-by-side. Get out of the city this fall for some peaceful time in nature. Book our off-grid camping cabins online – its the perfect place to relax and unwind in comfort.