Your Base Camp for Hunting in the Cape Breton Highlands

Hunting was and is an important means of providing nutritious food for people on Cape Breton Island. Many Canadians are avid hunters, fishers and trappers.

At Iron Mountain Wilderness Cabins we embrace legal, ethical hunting that is governed by science-based wildlife management plans and done in accordance with the local laws and regulations. We are very passionate about environmental conservation - having worked with local and national nature conservation organizations in the past, we know hunting can be a humane and ecologically responsible method for managing wildlife and acquiring animal protein for the table. We are also big believers that a day out hunting is a positive experience even if you don't shoot a thing.

Ruffed grouse on tree branch in Whycocomagh on Cape Breton Island

We welcome like-minded licensed hunters to take advantage of our wilderness location. Make our comfortable cabins your home base during hunting season. The Cape Breton backcountry offers a vast territory of crown land with excellent opportunities for hunting big and small game.


Be sure to brush up on where, when and what you can hunt by reviewing the Province's Hunting Summary document.

Click here to see Nova Scotia's Hunting And Trapping Season for 2018

Click here to see the bag limits and license requirements in Nova Scotia

Licenses can be purchased at the local Department of Natural Resources office from Monday - Friday. It is located about 5km from our location. Hunting on private property is only permitted with the landowner's permission - this includes our property. Please speak to us before engaging in any hunting on our property. We look forward to hosting you during your hunting trip.

Please note: any firearms on our facility must be licensed to you, locked and safely stored at all times.

We are all four seasons!

Four Season Cabin Rental

From $147.00 per night